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Templeton strives to provide the best service possible at competitive and affordable rates.

To that extent, we offer a few simple pricing options so you can decide how to best plan for your IT needs.

Our plans include options to support your site remotely, with on-site visits, or both.

We can structure a support and pricing plan that fits into your budget whether it's a pay as you go option or a single, consistent rate every month.




Our Hourly Plan is a basic plan where a standard hourly rate is billed for any work performed. Clients are invoiced at the end of the month and a clear, detailed report of all work performed is included. This is our "pay as you go" option.

The Hourly plan includes remote and onsite support as well as any service offered by The Templeton Group except Database and Web Development Services.

Our hourly rate is also applies for any projects, setups, installations or work done outside the scope of the Flat Rate Plans.


Invoiced Monthly with detailed service report.



retainer CONTRACTS

Our Block Hour contracts offer a way for our clients to pre-purchase blocks of support hours at lower rates. If you have an estimate of about how much support time you'll need from us, Block Hour contracts are a great way to budget and save money over the long term.


50 Hours - $160/HR

100 Hours - $155/HR

200 Hours - $150/HR

500 Hours - $145/HR

1000 HOURS - $130/HR

Includes detailed monthly service report.



Includes regular monitoring, virus protection and user management as well as remote support and troubleshooting. Our remote support plan is essentially an on-call help desk that will monitor your workstations for any potential issues as well as providing support and troubleshooting as needed. With our Remote Support plan, your IT infrastructure will be monitored, supported and secured by our expert staff.

Regular Workstation Monitoring
Virus Protection
Malware/Adware Protection
User Management

Remote Support & Troubleshooting
Permission Repair
Disk Health Check
File Structure Repair

$150 per workstation, per month

Available for offices of 5 or more users

Onsite Support & Project Work will be billed hourly at a reduced hourly rate of $125 per hour.